Xantrex Powerpack 600 HD Battery Replacement


I've had this portable power pack going on 7 years.  This is the second time I've replaced the battery.  It lives a hard life in the back of my truck, with little more than a rain cover over it.  I do keep it charged, but think corrosion on a battery terminal cut its life short.  I bought a replacement battery on Amazon.  It was about $70 with shipping.  About half the cost of a new one, if you can still find one.  There are quite a few screws to get it apart, but it's a fairly straightforward job.

I've used this power pack many times over the years.  It's definitely something I don't want to do without.  There are less expensive models, but they typically have a much smaller battery.  This one has no problem starting V8s.



Remove all the hex head screws in the orange outer frame, on both sides.

Once both halves of the orange frame are removed, a number of phillips head screws exposed.  Remove all those too.  The only screws that didn't need to be removed were the feet.  Learned that after the fact.

It pull apart easily, and the large battery is easy to get to.  Other than the electrical connections, nothing else needs to be removed to pull the battery.

Think this was the culprit.  The green/yellow ground wire had rotted off ther terminal.

A new ring terminal was installed.

The terminals on the cables were cleaned with a Dremel moto-tool and a wire brush.  The thin foam padding was pulled from the old battery, a little spray adhesive applied, then adhered to the front/back of the new battery.  It was then set into place.  All the terminals were connected using new hardware that came with the replacement battery.

I had charged the battery prior to installation but verified all the functions of the power pack, including the inverter, radio, etc.

All cleaned up and ready for several years more use.





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