Ford E450 Suspension Upgrades



Our RV is a 2023 Thor KW29 with the MORryde suspension system.  It rides well, but still has the same issue ALL RVs tend to have.  The steering tends to follow ruts, and a tire blow out can quickly pull the vehicle into a ditch.  They also tend to sway quite a bit in turns, and get pushed around by big trucks passing on the highway.  But there are readily available solutions.

I installed the heavy duty RoadMaster front sway bar (P/N RM-1139-176) and the RoadMaster Exact Center Steering Stabilizer (P/N RM47MR). These are direct replacement for the existing parts on the E450 chassis. Took a couple of hours to gather the tools, do the work, and cleanup. Easy job but I’d highly recommend an impact gun for the big sway bar bolts. The factory hardware used a really good Loctite. The parts were purchased from etrailer.  No more waddling in turns, following ruts, etc. The RV handles SO much better.


Unlike a standard steering stabilizer, this is not a shock.  It can't be compressed by hand.  It forces the steering to automatically return to center when the steering wheel is released.  This also prevents the tires from following ruts, or in the case of a tire blow out, keeps the vehicle going the same direction.  It came with new brackets, but mounts in the same location as the stock stabilizer.

The stock swaybar is very skinny for a vehicle this size.  This is the cause of the body roll in turns, and weathervaning in the wind.  The main brackets have two large bolts, and two smaller ones.  The larger ones have some awesome Loctite on them.  It would be possible to remove them without a impact wrench, but would likely require a breaker bar, and a lot of patience.  It was surprisingly slow going, even with the impact wrench.

From this angle, you can see the difference in size.

The heavy duty RoadMaster front sway bar, and RoadMaster Exact Center Steering Stabilizer are installed.  Not a difficult job.  Instructions are included, but if you take a moment to look how the original parts are installed, the new parts are installed exactly the same way.


Products Used In This Project

ROADMASTER 1139-176 Factory Replacement Front Anti-Sway Bar for Ford E350/450, Black

Roadmaster Exact Center Steering Stabilizer w/ Custom Brackets

RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramp - Pair (16,000lb. GVW Capacity)

Air Impact Wrench 1/2 Inch Square Drive Heavy Duty 880 ft-Lbs Max Loosening Torque

35-Piece 1/2" Drive Deep Impact Socket Set - SAE 3/8"-1-1/4" & Metric 8-24mm

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