KOA @ St. Augustine, FL - 11/06


This was the maiden voyage for our new travel trailer.  I wanted to stay somewhere not too far from home in case we ran into any major issues.  The KOA in St. Augustine was ideal.  About 2 hours from home, full hookups, pull through sites, and free WiFi.  A short drive to the city or the beach. 


Our site #.  The row closer to the lake would have been nicer, but they were already taken.

Paved campsite.  Level, but barely wide enough to setup the chairs.  There was a picnic table and fire ring also.

Full hookups, including free cable TV.

My 05 Xterra did a nice job towing.  Very windy on the trip here.  Got 8.3 MPG on the way up, 11.1 MPG on the way home (less windy). 

My wife peering around the corner and Fozzy, our Schnoodle, checking things out.

The short queen bed was rather comfortable.

He thought the trip was all about him!

Fishing is permitted (catch & release only) within the CG.  No permit required.

The better row for camping.

The Tiki God smiles upon you.

Free WiFi!  Just had to get an access code ticket from the front office.  The code is good for "x" days.  Rather than haul a laptop computer, we used a Garmin M4 PDA/GPS.  It can use an SDIO WiFi card to access the internet at any hotspot.  Very cool!

Lesson Learned:  The vent hood exhaust has latches to keep it closed while traveling.  These must be turned to allow the vent to open.

Close Call:  I knew the end caps on the rear bumper were prone to coming off, but this is a NEW camper, and we only drove for a couple of hours.  Both caps almost came off.  This is where the drain hose is stored.  I'll drill it and put in a pit-pin to prevent this from happening again.


This was a nice campground.  The row closest to the street had too much traffic noise for me.  We were one row in from that, so it was better.  The premium sites are those closest to the lake.  Nice view, much quieter too.  Need to make reservations in advance to get one of those sites.  Large number of cabins at this campground for those without a camper.  I would definitely recommend this campground.




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