E450 7.3L Godzilla Oil & Filter Change



Our 2023 Thor KW29 Class C motorhome, came equipped with Ford's new 7.3L "Godzilla" motor.  This replaced the now discontinued 6.8L V-10.  The 7.3L was designed for commercial fleet use.  Consequently, it has a number of improved internal parts, and a convenient layout for maintenance.  The oil filter, and drain plug, are right next to each other, with no suspension parts in the way.  This vehicle is extremely easy to change the oil and filter.  Definitely a DIY maintenance item, if you so choose.



There are a number of YouTube videos extolling the power plant.  It's an amazingly powerful, but fuel efficient motor, ideal for RV use.

For the first oil change, I always change it early.  Anything left over from the manufacturing and assembly process will be flushed out.

This is the same oil filter used on the Ford 5.3L V8 engines, and 6.8L V10 engines.  These are readily available, but I now buy mine on Amazon as they are far cheaper than from a local auto parts store.

This is a full synthetic oil.  This one specifically meets the requirements specified by Ford.  Also another Amazon purchase.

Turns out, the 820 filter comes in a couple of different configurations.  93mm x 36 Flute, which fits the new filters, as well as the Purolator equivalent.  The original filter (bulk product), uses 74/76mm 15 Flutes.

A 15mm box end wrench fits the drain plug perfectly.

You don't need to lift the front end of the RV, but doing so makes the job much easier.  I have a couple of heavy duty ramps, which are rated for this vehicle.  They DO flex a bit, so as an added security measure, I deploy the front jacks just enough to barely take the weight.

The drain pan collects the used oil, and allows the filter to drain.  Once finished, this pan has caps to seal in the oil, and can be used to transport the oil to a recycle center.

I found it easier to pour the oil into a dedicated gas can, and transport it this way.  To hold the funnel in place, I drilled a hole in the funnel handle, and use a tie wrap to secure it.

To prevent accidental use, I wrote on the container, and leave the spout tipped upward.

Unlike a Class A, adding oil to a Class C is easy.  The fill tube is easily accessible, with enough clearance to pour the oil directly from the container.

I buy oil in 5 quart containers.  They have a translucent strip, with markers for the oil level inside.  I poured 3 quarts from the first jug, and all 5 quarts from the second, for a total of 8 quarts.

Don't forget to reset the oil life, or you'll soon get this message.
Reset E450 Oil Life

1. Turn the ignition to the on. Don’t start the engine.

2. Using the keypad on the left side of the steering wheel, scroll to the left and go to the MAIN MENU.

3. Next, scroll down to where it says DRIVER ASSIST and click OK.

4. Scroll right to MAINTENANCE MONITOR, click OK.

5. Hold down the OK button, the oil life will reset. If it jumps to the tire pressure monitor screen, you didn't hold the OK button long enough.  Hit the left arrow, and be sure to press and hold the OK button when you see MAINTENANCE MONITOR on the display.

This is the keypad to reset the oil life.

Once the process is complete, this is what you should see.  I choose to change my oil every 5,000 miles, even though it's a synthetic.


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