Igloo Portable Ice Maker

UPDATE: Within two months of purchase, it died.  Completely dead.  No display, no hum, nada.

This product has the Igloo brand, but doesn't show up on their website.  According to the owner's manual, it's made by Curtis.  Sent them an e-mail, got a generic response to call their 1-800 number.  So I did... OUTSOURCED.  With a thick accent, the person in India listened to the issue, and my attempt at troubleshooting.  He said to call back in 2 days, he wasn't sure if Curtis would honor their warranty.  He said Buy.com wasn't an authorized dealer.  There's nothing in the owner's manual, nor on the Curtis website, stating it must be bought from an authorized dealer!

I called back in two days, got the runaround once again.  By this time, I had checked the Curtis website about the authorized dealer business.  They said I'd have to go through Buy.com for a refund, Curtis wouldn't fix it.  I told him Buy.com only has a 14 day warranty per their receipt & website.  After telling him what I thought about Curtis not honoring their warranty, I called Buy.com

I contacted Buy.com via e-mail.  They were fairly helpful, but each response was from another person.  The e-mail chain was quite long by the time we were finished.  I gave them all the details about who/when I contacted Curtis, and the responses I received.  What complicated matters is I no longer had the original box.  But Buy.com gave me a full refund, even paid for the return shipping.  I would have preferred to get a replacement, but this was a discontinued product (according to Buy.com, but Curtis shows it as an active product).

Bottom line, Curtis is a company that I'll never do business with again.  They don't stand behind their products, outsource customer service, and would have left me with a $100 paperweight if the seller wasn't willing to eat the cost.  DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.  I give fair reviews for free, but have no problem reporting crappy companies for not sticking behind their products. 

I learned of this product on one of the RV forums.  It received very good reviews.  The specifications are 120 Watts, and 26 lbs of ice per day.  Essentially the same energy as a couple of incandescent light bulbs.  The ice maker uses a compressor, and takes about 10 minutes to make a batch of ice.  It will continue to run until it either runs out of water, or the hopper becomes full.  Each hopper load is about a 1/2 gallon bag worth of ice.  The water reservoir holds 0.8 gallons of water.  Total cost, delivered, $99!  Got it at Buy.com


The Test Setup


The power usage was monitored using a Kill-A-Watt power strip.  It took 739 Watts to start the compressor.

Running current was low.  Varied between 99-110 Watts.

The water reservoir is just below the ice hopper.  Fill it to the mark.  The silver probe on the right side of the ice maker is a temperature sensor.  When the ice hopper is full, an ice cube will touch the sensor, and ice production will stop until the hopper is emptied.

Each batch of ice makes enough ice to fill a tumbler about 1/2 way.  About the amount of ice I'd put in a glass.  9 minutes later, it'll do this again.  May not sound like much, but it'll do this all day long.

Two hopper's worth.

Rough dimensions.  About 12" wide.

15" deep.

15" tall.

Takes about a gallon of ice (2 hopper loads) to make a pitcher of ice tea.

Perfect for a hot Summer day!


No more buying ice during camping trips.  This will easily keep up with the demand from ice melting in the cooler, plus ice used in drinks.  This can be operated from an inverter, but make sure it has enough surge capacity to meet the ~750 Watt start up spike.  Now I can make ice during power outages.  Handy thing to have here in hurricane prone Florida!

UPDATE:  Nice idea, product failed within 2 months.  Manufacturer doesn't stand behind their product.  JUNK - AVOID!







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