Lawn Work With Alt-Power

- Greenworks String Trimmer & Leaf Blower -


I've used gasoline powered string trimmers, edgers, and blowers, for at least two decades.  PITA mixing the fuel, filling the tanks, and having to yank the cord again and again.  Now that we are forced to use ethanol blended fuels here, small engines are even more temperamental.  Last year I replaced my string trimmer that was only 2 years old.  The new one wasn't much better.  Somewhere between 10-20 pulls, it'll finally start. 

One evening, watching TV... the Greenworks infomercial starts showing a cordless electric trimmer.  With the push of a button, the head rotates, and becomes an edger.  Comes with a 6AH lithium ion battery and charger.  Cost about what I paid for my gas powered trimmer a year ago.  For $33 more, I bought the leaf blower, which doesn't come with a battery or charger.  Not a problem.  The single battery has more than enough capacity to trim/edge/blast my 1/4 acre lawn.  I also sweep the elderly neighbor's driveway with the blower.  All on a single charge, with capacity to spare.

When I'm done, I use my solar powered inverter to recharge the pack.  Really is a green piece of equipment this way.  By the time I've taken a shower, got a bite to eat, the charging is complete.  Ready for use next week.

The cool part is how fast it's ready to go once initially assembled.  Slip the battery pack onto the trimmer, push the button, you're trimming!  I bet I save 10 minutes a week now that I don't have to deal with the hard to start gas powered hardware.  Also since the electric is quieter, no need for hearing protection.  The string trimmer is fairly quieter than the gas version, but the leaf blower is significantly quieter.

The weight and balance of the trimmer is very good.  Unlike the gas powered model, the motor is in the head, directly above the automatic string feed.  There's no flexible shaft running from the battery at the top, down to the motor at the bottom.  Just wiring inside.

The only downside is the limited power of the electric lawn equipment.  Maybe 1/2 that of the gas equipment, but plenty to get the job done.  Ideal for the average home owner.  If you have a jungle, a city block, or cut lawns commercially, then this equipment isn't for you.

Note, I get NO endorsements for my reviews of any equipment.  If it's junk, I have no problem saying so (see my review of the portable icemaker!).  This isn't heavy duty equipment, but I expect it to last several years.  I recommend using compressed air to clean the motor cooling vents when the work is done.



A short sample video of the equipment in use at my house tonight.


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