Videos That Influenced My Buying Decision


Obviously Ford biased videos, but these have been out a while, and nobody is crying foul. Every manufacturer of trucks has videos too, but you only see them talk speed when mentioning Ford trucks.  Other trucks might be faster 0-60, but is that what you really care about in a truck?  One of the biggest influences for me was seeing the trucks taken apart.  See what you're really paying for.  Why isn't Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet, and Dodge claiming these videos are bogus, and showing their trucks are better?  Been almost two years since some of these came out... think I know the answer, and that's why I bought what I did.




The true test of a trucks performance is between 45 and 70 mph. Find out how F-150 performs against Dodge and the others in this Truth About Trucks demonstration.
The 09 F-150 comes standard with six airbags, more than Silverado or Ram. See what else the competition doesnt offer when it comes to safety features.
Take a look under the skin of a Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Toyota truck to see whats really behind the front structure.
Ford 5.4L V8 produces only 10 ft-lbs less torque than the Chevrolet 6L engine, which costs $1K more.
The experts dive deep into the engine of the 09 F-150, Dodge, Toyota and Chevy powertrains to determine which truck holds up better in the ultimate durability test.
Ford is the only manufacturer with hydroformed, high-strength steel in the roof rails of its full-size pickup. Take a closer look to see what Dodge, Chevy and Toyota are made of.
Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, hauling tests.
Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, towing tests.


Truck durability tests.  The bed of the Tundra flexed so much that it dug into the back of the cab.
From a new six-speed automatic transmission to tire design, find out what parts help the 09 F-150 achieve fuel economy unsurpassed in its class.
The experts measure the strength and construction of the F-150 vs. key competitor frames down to thousandths of an inch. Find out what each of these trucks is truly made of.
Ford demonstrates its electronic locking differential technology against its key competitors. Find out which truck maintains traction in this truth test.
Disc brakes or drum brakes? Find out which technology holds up better in the Whoa Factor test.
A slew of safety technology features come standard on the 09 F-150. See how they all work as the experts go underneath the skin.
See how F-150 demonstrates leadership with a single bolt in its cargo bed.
Ford added six more inches to its leaf spring suspension to improve ride quality. See how it stacks up when compared to the new Dodge coil suspension.
The new rearview video camera parking aid system enhances visibility at the rear of the box through an innovative video feed customers can conveniently see on the rearview mirror. The Rearview Camera System is mounted in the tailgate handle bezel and is activated when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. The video image is displayed in the self-dimming rearview mirror, a natural place for the driver to look while in reverse. This system gives drivers who tow the visibility they need to back up to their trailer and line up precisely to hook up the hitch. The industry's only other truck application requires drivers to look down at the navigation screen as they're reversing.
As part of the 2008 Half-Ton Shootout, put six half-ton pickups from Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Nissan and Toyota through an extreme traction-control test that simulated icy road conditions to find out which trucks had the best traction control





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