Rear Bumper End Cap Mod


Lose an end cap from your rear storage bumper yet?  We almost lost both of ours on our maiden voyage - about 75 miles.  Very poor design, which has been used for years.  I knew they'd work themselves out eventually, but on a 2 hour trip?  This had to be fixed, or I'd have to buy replacements.


This is what both end caps looked like.  This is a new trailer, and the caps are tight.  But 2 hours on the road, and they were almost history.

To get home I taped the caps in place.  This kept the stinky slinky from falling out.

The inside of the end cap.  Note the gusset on the center of the edge.  Keep that in mind when drilling, or you'll end up drilling through the gusset.

Because my bumper is close to the shell of the camper, I don't have the clearance for a standard drill.  I used a 90 degree model and some sharp bits.

Drilling slightly off center, and about a 1/4" from the edge, I made a pilot hole with an 1/8" bit.  Finished with a 1/4" bit.  By leaving the end cap in place while drilling, the holes line up perfectly.

The final product.  A stainless steel 1/4" pit-pin.  It has a ball detent on the end, preventing it from falling out.  The ball retracts when the ring is pulled, allowing it to be removed.  I'll probably add a tether to these at some point.





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