Dawn's 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited



Okay, maybe I'm a bad influence.  In 2004, I bought a new Wrangler Sahara.  We towed it behind the motorhome when RVing, and it was my daily driver.  It was a fun vehicle, but a little small and not the ideal highway vehicle.  Eventually I traded it for a 2005 Xterra.  The Xterra is fun too, but we did miss the Jeep.  My fiancÚ, Dawn, traded her Mustang for this Flame Red Jeep.  No, I didn't talk her into buying it!  I admit I didn't discourage her either...  I guess she enjoyed driving my Jeep as much as I did.

The Unlimited version has double the cargo space, more rear passenger room, a 10-inch-longer wheelbase, and an additional 5 inches behind the rear wheels for greater on-road comfort and off-road capability, according to Jeep.  This is much bigger than the Jeep I had, and almost as big as my Xterra.  The Xterra has more room inside, but as you can see from the picture above, the Xterra has a cab-forward design.  The Jeep has more room under the hood, and even has an extra battery tray.

This rides & drives much better than my 04 Sahara.  Less hippy-hoppy over bumps.  I believe they've also upgraded the transmission, making it much happier at highway speeds.  Looks a lot like the old Jeep Scrambler.  The hardtop is on order, and we're swapping out the Goodyear Wrangler tires for a set of BFG T/A KO tires this week, at no charge.  I had to change them out on my Jeep at 20K miles as they started to cup.  Common problem according to tirerack.com.  So before they become an issue, they're gone.

More pictures to follow.  We'll have to make a trip to Ocala as soon as we get time...






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