Cooking With Alt-Power

- Crock Pots (aka: Slow Cookers) -


Nice part of cooking with slow cookers is how simple they are to use.  Put the goods in, set the temp & time (on the fancier models), and go play.  When you get back, it's done.  Don't be tempted to lift the lid, that'll increase the cook time.

I was surprised to see the difference in wattage between the various models and settings.  The smallest one is fine for making chip dip, or heating canned foods.  Bit small for cooking otherwise.


Large Rival Crock Pot



281 Watts on high.  The other settings measured the same, but the frequency of cycling on/off varies depending on the temperature setting.


Medium sized Hamilton Beach Crock Pot


Keep warm setting.

Low setting.

High setting.


A small Proctor Silex Crock Pot


Keep Warm setting.

Low setting.

High setting.



Keep in mind they cycle on/off, and the measurements taken were instantaneous.  Next time I cook something in one of these, I'll measure the total time and Wattage, getting a more accurate reading.  I could run any of these from an inverter. 

There are 12V models available as well.  Simply plug it into your cigarette lighter outlet in your vehicle, and cook while you drive.  Just make sure you secure the lid.  Having one of these flying around inside the vehicle would make for a bad day.  Note the strap that holds the lid closed in the picture below.

I'll have updates to this page after a few meals!


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