Top Coating RV Roof With Henry's Tropi-Cool

We bought our last Class A used.  It was a 2015 model, with a fiberglass (Filon) roof.  The sun in Florida is brutal.  Whatever finish the fiberglass had, it was long gone.  Each time it rained, a white oxidation would deposit all over the sides of the RV.  Scrubbing the roof would only slow down the deposits.  A popular treatment is Henry's Tropi-Cool coating.  It's 100% silicone, and is designed and recommended for RV use.  You can read about it on their website - LINK.

Prep work is key.  Any dirt and loose material has to be removed.  I used a combination of a pressure washer, and a scrub brush.  There was some residual staining, but clean otherwise.  The coating is very easy to apply with disposable (chip) brushes to cut in around the roof accessories, and a roller with an extendable pole for the big sections.  Two coats were applied, giving time to setup between them.  The instructions detail the length of time between coats for optimal bonding.

The results were stunning.  A beautiful white roof, 100% waterproof, and does a good job of reflecting the Summer heat.  This is an easy DIY type project.


After having several gas powered pressure washers fail over the years, I now have an electric model.  Works just as well as the gas ones, and no starting issues.

I added a 50' hose to the pressure washer, allowing me to easily reach the entire roof, without having to move the pressure washer.  Please note you CAN damage the roof if you're not careful!  Most of the dirt was easily removed, using a 15 degree nozzle, about a foot away from the roof.

You can see the shiny fiberglass fibers in the sunlight.  They should not be exposed.  Whatever top coating the roof originally had, was long gone.  Only took a few minutes to cut in around all the attachments.

I raised the satellite dish as well, to get all the areas coated.

First coat in progress.

Finishing up the second coat.

An extendable paint pole saves from having to bend over.  Getting too old for that nonsense!

The final product.  Looks at least as good as new, if not better.


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