Rugged Ridge 13550.24 Armis Hard Folding Bed Cover with LINE-X on a 2023 Gladiator



I had a roll up cover on my last truck, and found it very useful.  It protected items from weather, and out of sight from anyone looking for an opportunity to take anything visible.  I knew that I wanted a cover for my new truck for the same reasons.  I do not like a solid tonneau cover.  Those are heavy, limit the height of the payload, and are difficult to remove.

This cover works with the factory Trail Rail System.  Just remove the bolts on the front rail, slip the mounting brackets for the cover behind it, re-insert the bolts.  Almost no water gets in even during a heavy down pour. It looks like a factory product.  I highly recommend this product!



There are two plastic tabs on the factory bed rail cap that need to be removed with a utility knife.  It cuts easily, so don't press too hard.  This exposes two nut plates.  These will have some paint over spray, use a M6 x 1.0 metric tap to clean up the threads.  Otherwise, the bolts may bind when tightened, ripping the nutplates free.

I've installed several different bed covers over the years.  This was the easiest.  Everything fits well, and they included quality hardware.

This folding cover has 3 sections that latch to the rail below.  Each one can be unlatched, and flipped open.  You can open just one, or all three.  With all three opened, two arms will latch them in the upright position, 

This is secure enough to drive with the cover in this position.  It doesn't get direct wind pressure being so close to the back of the cab.  Very clever design.

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