Class C Hydraulic Jacks Too Low!

Yea, so that happened.  I've had two Class As, a travel trailer, a couple of pop up campers, and now this Class C.  Never had an issue driving from the yard, onto a driveway.  But these hydraulic jacks on the back of our motorhome are too low.  The front jacks are raised up one hole, which adds about 2.25" of clearance.  The fix is easy, undo 6 bolts, raise the jacks up one hole, re-fasten it.  But the jack foot was bent.  I could remove it, hammer it flat, and re-install it.  But once metal has been bent, it'll be prone to doing it again.  I ordered a replacement foot from etrailer, had it in a few days.



If you watched the video, you see the two impacts happening.  I thought it was the hitch, which is quite stout.

The jack is bolted to a piece of box channel.  The nuts inside are welded in place, making this a much easier job.

The original mounting position only yielded 3.5" of clearance.

The distance between the holes is 2.25".  By raising the jack one hole, the clearance will increase to almost 6".

I removed all but 1 bolt.  This allowed the jack to pivot, without putting stress on the hydraulic hoses attached to the top of the jack.  This was necessary to have enough room for the impact wrench to reach the bolt in the bottom of the foot.

The o-ring needed to be cut and removed as it was blocking the socket from making full engagement.  Be warned, they used a very strong thread locker.  This would have been a real chore without the use of the impact wrench.

The new foot included a new bolt, washer, and two o-rings.  The P/N is LC324269.  I bought it on etrailer, here's a direct LINK.

At least it wasn't hot this evening doing the work on a driveway.

New foot installed, and the jack raised by 1 hole.  Now close to 6" of clearance.

The new jack foot attached, and both rear jacks deployed.  Much better!

The front jacks are already at the height I just raised the back ones to.  Why didn't they make them all the same?

It's a good thing the front jacks have enough clearance already.  The top of the jack is almost contacting the structure above already.

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